GDPR: What you need to know and how it affects

Does your organization accept, or plan to accept, any donations or transactions from Europe? Do any of your American donors use credit or debit cards from Euoropean banks?

The EU has made updates to data privacy laws giving digital consumers more information and control over how their data is being used. More information about the GDPR is available here.

Contact your organization’s legal counsel to review how this will affect your operations, and any language that will need to added to your Online Giving Forms. has documentation for adding Custom Consent Checkboxes to Online Giving Forms.

Under the new regulations, donors can request access to or erasure of their individual data. In order to obtain the information from (where it does not exist in your Salesforce org), contact us with in 5 days of your donors initial request. Your organization only has 30 days to comply after the initial request. All Data Support Requests can be made here.

If you need assistance extracting or erasing requested donor data from your Salesforce Org our support partner Buzzbold offers additional Salesforce Support Services to help you comply.